FileMaker Cloud hosting

For your FileMaker and Web Development needs

FileMaker hosting is a profession in its own right

Once you have that great FileMaker application, you naturally want it to always work quickly, securely and reliably. That is something that does not happen automatically. That is why we have developed a FileMaker hosting environment from FMECOM. Thanks to this environment, we are able to host, monitor, monitor and manage specific FileMaker Apps. All our FileMaker Servers are therefore rightfully 'dedicated'.

This dedicated FileMaker hosting service guarantees that your applications and applications always run within a controlled and secure environment. This way you don't have to worry about the influence of other processes or external factors on your FileMaker application.

Your FileMaker application is therefore completely unburdened in the Cloud, giving you 24/7 access to your most important data. FileMaker hosting makes it possible to always request the most recent data. For example, you can also work with several people in the same database at the same time.

You don't have to invest in your own server;
You no longer have to spend time installing and updating your server;
Thanks to our professional managed cloud hosting platform and the set-up of the server, you will benefit from better performance;
Backups are automatically created and stored on our server;
Your personal database is also remotely accessible thanks to our FileMaker database hosting;
Our FileMaker specialists are immediately ready for you in case of malfunctions.

FileMaker 19 doesn't just provide great new features for our developers. For example, FileMaker files can now also be automatically recovered after a hardware or software crash. This is because the recovery log in our FileMaker Server validates database entries when a file is opened for the first time and when the file is not closed properly. In short, if you choose one of the above FileMaker 19 Cloud Hosting packages, you choose the very best that FileMaker has to offer!

Does your application use an existing version of FileMaker? For example FileMaker 16 or 17? Even then it is possible to place this in our managed cloud / server!